Apple Will Start Selling its iPad to China Market on July 20

Apple Will Start Selling its iPad to China Market on July 20


We have good news for you Apple lovers who lived in China. You know, you know, Apple will start selling the iPad to China on July 20 after settling a dispute over the ownership of the tablet computer's name. Of course it is the time for you to have this new device.

As says by this company, it will begin selling its latest iPad starting at $499 and the older iPad 2 starting at $399. Moreover, the tablet computers will be sold online, at Apple stores, and through approved resellers.
You know, Apple often sold their products to China later than in other countries. The iPad model coming to China this month went on sale in the U.S. and several other countries in March.
 This iPad features a faster processing chip than the previous two iPad models and also has a sharper screen.
As we know, Apple still dominates the emerging market for tablet computers, although Google and Microsoft are b coming out with competing devices.
China market is Apple's second-largest market after the United States and the source of much of its growth.
The premiere of this new device was delayed by a trademark lawsuit filed by Chinese company Proview. The Proview asserted it had the legal right to the iPad name in China, even though a division of the company sold the trademark to Apple several years ago.
You know, Apple clashed Proview in China's court system and eventually settled the suit for US$60 million to gain the rights to the iPad name. The company won approval from Chinese regulators for the device in May.
The new iPad will be available in both Wi-Fi and cellular versions with storage capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB.

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