Asus EeePC X101 Netbook, Still No Release Date

Asus EeePC X101 Netbook, Still No Release Date-At the Computex trade-show ASUS has launched a new netbook, the Eee PC X101, which uses the MeeGo OS as its default operating system.  ASUS evolves the Eee PC further with new models that take netbooks to ever-greater heights. 
The new Eee PC X101 has been designed from the start to be the perfect ultraportable for modern mobile users, with its Intel® MeeGo operating system incorporating full support for a wide range of social networking services. Eee PC X101 Series netbooks are also offered with the Windows® 7 operating system, and models ship with both solid state and mechanical hard drive storage configuration. 

The X101 has a 10 inch screen, weighs around 950g and is just 17.6mm thick. It uses an Intel Atom N435 processor running at 1.33 Ghz and is available in a range of colours and configurations, with pricing starting from around $200. The EeePC X101 is arguably the company's thinnest netbook yet, measuring 0.7 inches at its thickest point. It's available in four colors (White, Black, Red, and Brown), two of which were available on display at Computex 2011. Because of its price point, its plastic construction isn't as luxurious as the metal-clad Asus UX21, although it didn't feel cheap by any stretch. The subtle textures applied on top of the plastic puts it in the same league as some of the best-looking netbooks on the market. There's still no official information when this gadget will be available.

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