Foxconn Nano PC is going to be priced starting at $260

Foxconn Nano PC is going to be priced starting at $260

We would like to tell you a good news guys. Alongside with the growth of technology, there are so many companies compete to enlarge their platform. Currently, Foxconn had announced an interesting type of pc on which they named the nano PC.

This nano PC is much smaller than the Mac Mini as well. Do you want to know the price guys? Alright we would like to inform you. There is something interesting with the price tag, you know what? That is although initially Foxconn had released that it would be price on sub-$200, none of its two variants would be priced like that since the starting price of this nano PC is at $260.
In addition, this company claims that their nano PC is up to 40 times smaller than the normal PC.  There are two variants of it which are the AT-5250 and AT-5600 for this type of products. The first is the AT-5250. Moreover, it will make use of Intel Atom processor with Intel Integrated Graphics inside. On the other hand, the second is the AT-5600 is going to make use of AMD technology instead. You know, the one being inserted in the AT-5600 is the AMD E450 with the AMD Radeon HD 6320.
The price for the AT-5250 is $260 whereas the AT-5600 is priced at $280,  at $20 more expensive. Furthermore, both of them will be equipped with USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet ports, HDMI, VGA and many more. However it might not be very powerful, it simply works.
We really hope that whatever Foxconn is trying to show here is going to be a continuous effort instead of a one-time thing.

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