Giada's i53 mini-PC has a powerful performance

Giada's i53 mini-PC has a powerful performance
The world PC now already growth up and we are sure that you all cannot keep your eyes off it. In this fast growth of technology, nowadays, Giada, a brand of Schenzen Jiehe Technology Development, Co., Ltd, has just revealed its mini PC called i53 Mini PC.
This i53 Mini PC is equipped with full HD 1080P video, high connectivity, support, and an attractive design.
In addition, this Giada's new book-sized i53 Mini PC is an ideal choice for home entertainment, web browsing, and document writing.
You know, the i53 packs an Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor standard, moreover i3 and i7 versions are also available. This device also comes with 4GB of RAM which can provide plenty of computing performance for today's applications and a 500GB hard drive into its sub-one kilogram, bookshelf-ready form factor.
In addition, the 500GB HDD standard allows you to store movies and music to be played at your pleasure. This system is compliant with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux.
As we heard guys, the system supports USB 3.0, HD video and of course included infra red remote control that allows for remote boot-up.
Moreover, the i53 also provides a gigabit network socket; high speed 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as HDMI and VGA video outputs.
You know the weigh is less than 1kg. It is even smaller and more portable than a laptop. So, this mini PC is easy to carry anywhere and plug in and set up in seconds.
Alright, do you wondering how much it will cost to have this device? Now, let us tell you the price, this device will be available for around $520.

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