Google Fiber Revealed in Kansas City

Google Fiber Revealed in Kansas City

Well, guys, we would like you to know that Google revealed a new service that is called Google Fiber. It takes place in Kansas City; this city probably be be the luckiest city in the world because it seems that it is the first city to ever get a service by Google.
Google Fiber is an internet connection through fiber optics along with a TV service with DVR capability. Actually, because it comes with a storage box, you are looking at 2TB worth of recorded data as well. YouTube and Netflix are some of the many services that you may get through the Fiber TV.
Milo Medin, Google vice president of access services, made the announcement in Kansas City and said that the fiber network was necessary to help American consumers and businesses keep with the acceleration of both computing power and storage needs.
Well, as far as the hardware is concerned, Google Fiber fitted with a DVR, WiFi access point, a four-port Ethernet router, in addition to Nexus 7 tablet as a remote. Furthermore, the service also equipped with 1TB worth of cloud storage through the Google Drive. For you who want to get Google Fiber to your house, you need to pay for $300 for the construction.
Google engineers ran speed tests comparing Google Fiber to standard broadband networks and showed that Google Fiber had download speeds of around 937Mbps, or just under 1Gbps.
However, for the monthly price of Google Fiber is at $120 consisting of TV but if you decide to opt without TV, then you are looking at $70 per month for an unlimited gigabit upload/download internet.
Well, for you who are in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO, you are lucky since Google Fiber is available on your city.

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