Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released

This week may be the one that many people are awaiting since the day of the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion was here. The operating system is now available for download and purchase at the App Store with a price of only $19.99. Such a price means that the Mountain Lion is one of the cheapest upgrades yet. When you are trying to grab it, it seems that you need to equip yourself with good internet connection since the update download is relatively big, around 4.34 GB.

The Mountain Lion is the latest desktop version of operating system from Mac. The updates consist of a number of improvements that are dominated by integrated features inside the system. There are many applications that have been fully integrated to the system that include Twitter, iMessage and Game Center. Facebook is not yet fully done yet it is only a question of time that it will indeed come this fall.

Many good things are also there, being part of the operating system updates. They are Gatekeeper – a security tool for regulating app installation and preventing the menace of malware and notes. There are also reminder apps including AirPlay Mirroring app and the newPower Nap – an app that allows the OS to stay updated even when it is in ‘sleep’ mode. The former reminder app was initially introduced for the iPad, yet now it becomes part of the company’s step to expand its Mac OS. In addition, the new OS offers versatility that a sharing button, notification center, messages and a few other apps are available on the system. These all are accordance to the fact that Apple had added more than 200 improvements to this major update.

This is completely good news, isn’t this? To be fascinating, as well, those who bought the OS after June 11 can get the upgrade free. The Mountain Lion comes original with Mac gadgets brought henceforth.

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