New BlackBerry PlayBook will soon get updated

New BlackBerry PlayBook will soon get updated

Perhaps none of you do not know about BlackBerry. It is a line of smartphone devices which is developed and designed by Research In Motion (RIM). While originally it runs in the market of smartphone with its first product released in 1999 and the latest BlackBerry 7 devices announced in the summer of last year, the company has expanded its market by producing tablet.
The result of the market expansion is the BlackBerry PlayBook. Although it might not be as good as the like from Apple, for instance, the BlackBerry tablet is still good. There is one thing that becomes the limitation of the tablet that it cannot get connected to the internet by its own. So, it has to be tethered to another BlackBerry device to get an internet connection and, indeed, it is very troublesome sometimes. In addition, the fact that the tablet has yet had the same fame as its competitors in the market, like Android, results in the limited number of developers that do their apps for BlackBerry. However, this condition is not as bad as you might think that the tablet is equipped with built-in emulator inside that enables the playbook to play certain Android applications.
With all the facts above, fans of BlackBerry do not need to be disappointed, if they can be patient to wait, since there will be a new and updated version of the BlackBerry PlayBook. The new PlayBook will come with, along with a Wi-Fi capability, a 4G LTE connection that will make it much faster if compared with the previous version – indeed, you need no other BlackBerry device to surf in the internet. In addition, the new tablet will come will the available BlackBerry Video Store, a new service that enables the users to watch movies on their tablets.
Are you interested? You should be patient to wait since there is no more detailed information about the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet available.

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