Sony officially update new A, E, and S series Walkmans

Sony officially update new A, E, and S series Walkmans
If you are looking to get a new media player, but are not yet sure which one you want, now you have many choices. Actually, Sony has announced 3 new Walkman options that you can get your hands on. Sony officially launched three new portable media players on July 27th: the NWZ-A860, NWZ-S760BT, and NWZ-E460 series.
The A series isn't much of a surprise as we already exposed a lot of the details from FCC listings and leaked placeholder specs and images from a major U.K. retailer. The Walkman made for audiophiles features a 2.8-inch LCD touch screen. A series will have Bluetooth to stream audio to other devices. Sony's press release confirmed the mysterious file transfer capability--now officially known as "Photo Transfer"-- allowing users to share photos via Bluetooth between compatible devices.
The combination of the A, E and S Walkman media players all come with the same standard software; karaoke mode, language learning functions, voice recording and Sony’s station-creating SensMe feature. SensMe, in short, is a music mood and tempo detection system that works by analyzing the mood and tempo of tracks played by you on the Sony Walkman of choice. Playlists then can be created and generated by moving a dual axis map of all songs played and looked at by SensMe to match your preferred style or mood.
Sony also included an S-Master MX digital amplifier, promising to "reduce noise level and distortion." Two capacities will be available in the U.S.: an 8GB for $179 and a 16GB model for $219.
The new Walkman S- and E-series are somewhat similar to the A series. They cost less, have smaller screens, and feature a familiar button arrangement with some trickle-down features. Most notably, Sony says both will have 50 hours of battery life for music playback and 10 hours for video.

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