Video Your Sports Action Using Optrix XD Sports Case

Video Your Sports Action Using Optrix XD Sports Case

While some other might not, some people like to make videos of themselves and things around them. I think, this group of people can be categorized into two, those who do it only on particular occasions such as wedding of birthday parties, and those on most of their activities including doing sports or hobbies due to their strong interest in making records of their activities, though with no clear intention.

Part of the later group of people might be you, users of an iPhone or an iPod Touch handy. However, you, for sure, must get difficulties in making videos with your smartphone and therefore you need stuffs that can help you making action video recording easier, or even possible. In this case, you might need the new Optrix XD Sports Case.

This stuff is a new action sports case with which the users of iPhone and iPod Touch  are able to make their action sports videos. The new Optrix XD comes replacing its predecessor, the Optrix HD. There are things that remain the same as the Optrix HD such as its compatibility for the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch only. However, the distinguishing point, among others, of the new one is the presence of a wide angle lens that will further enhance the video capturing capabilities of the popular iOS device. With this feature, it is possible for you to create a surprising 1080 pixels video with your iPhone camera while on the move.

The new Optrix XD also offers military grade standard protections to your smartphone from something that commonly harm your phone when used for taking action shots such as spills, bumps and crashes. Interested? You can get the new Optrix XD Sports Case right now at the Optrix site. It is offered at US$99.

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